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mcm daily market update 24.Mar.21

ST trend: neutral Yesterday we were noting that the ST trend was down, as buyers were showing large inefficiency on bounces and FGSI never touched the extreme pessimism (green) zone. That happened close to 6am and FGSI then had an unconfirmed low, which pointed to a potential ST bottom. From there the market ran back […]

mcm daily market update 15.Mar.21

ST trend: up (with potential pullback risk) On Friday we were noting that the trend was down with a potential bottoming attempt and indeed the market found its footing in the morning and then grinded up throughout the day. It continued higher on Sunday, but then retreated after touching the area close to the ATH. […]

Lessons Learned part 2

Last week we had one of my favorite low risk set-ups, namely the Maginot Line (ML) "return to mean" trade. Actually it is a return to ML trade, but it works like a return to mean. This set-up basically states that whenever price gets too far (meaning more than 30-40 points) from ML, either on […]

mcm daily market update 12.Mar.21

ST trend: down (with potential bottom attempt) Yesterday we were noting that the trend was up as sellers were very inefficient on bounces. That played out nicely until SPX cash hit new ATHs. After that we noted live in the chat room that a low risk set-up for a short was arising. Price was significantly […]

Lessons Learned Part1

This will be the 1st article of the "Lessons Learned" series. The aim is to discuss the most important set-ups on the mcm tools from the previous week and how they should be approached when they show up again. First up is Tick Tools, which was amazing on Friday. It nailed the top off the […]

mcm daily market update 5.Mar.21

ST trend: neutral (with bearish risk) It seems the market stopped tipping its hand in the o/n session and keeps things in suspense until the cash market open. For several days we were noting that the trend was neutral as both sides were showing inefficiency via FGSI in the o/n session. Yesterday the buyers staged […]

mcm daily market update 26.Feb.21

ST trend: up (attempted bottom) Yesterday we noted that the trend was up, with whipsaw risks, as FGSI showed that also buyers were inefficient. The whipsaw risk turned into full on bear, once buyers continued to be inefficient on all bounces and the Maginot Line (ML) was lost. Just a reminder: the ST trend can […]

mcm daily market update 16.Feb.21

Summary: all 3 GSIs had unconfirmed highs at Monday's high, which means we are at an important inflection point. Sellers continue to be inefficient, however if FGSI breaks below a bullish EE level that would be a big warning that we might get a bigger correction. If the bullish EE level is defended, then another […]

mcm daily market update 10.Feb.21

ST trend: up with reversal risk Last 2 days we had an apparent neutral trend in the o/n, with both buyers and sellers showing inefficiency in terms of ability to move price. And in both days it was the buyers that took the lead (back). Today, the trend is up, with sellers being inefficient, however […]

mcm daily market update 09.Feb.21

ST trend: neutral Yesterday we also noted that the trend was neutral, because after a prolonged up trend, FGSI was showing that both buyers and sellers were inefficient. We had bullish excess energy (EE) triggering on declines and and bearish EE triggering on bounces. However it was the buyers who took the lead again by […]