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Trading the danny line

Danny is an important line for the intra-day trend. The easy way to use it is - when danny is below price and green, the trend is up. Works the same in the oppossite direction. That is very useful in itself and allows you to never trade against the trend. But additionally there are intra-day […]


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Large gap set-up

One of the most consistent tradeable set ups from TTs is the large gap set up. This has very high odds of playing out and allowing one to recognize the main trend of the day. The basic rules of this set up are: - a large gap (>20 points, but the larger the better), will […]

mcm market update 30.Jan.23

Main trend: neutral ST trend: down The market rallied relentlessly in the last weeks, with every drop attempt being bought aggressively. Also of note is that the market saw up squeezes in the last 3 consecutive days. So definitely the market was overextended in the near term. Friday saw bulls pushing beyond the 4100 ES […]

mcm daily market update 21.Dec.22

Main trend: down ST trend: up After 5 straight red days, and a whooping 300 points loss, SPX finally put in a green candle yesterday. Not only that, but bulls managed to bounce off unconfirmed GSIs on all time frames and won back ML. The o/n saw a shy continuation of the bounce as bulls […]

mcm daily market update 6.Dec.22

Main trend: down ST trend: down The market put in a high near 4100 last week before pulling back from there. 200DMA is also there plus several technical resistances, including the "bear market TL" coming from ATH, so no wonder that triggered a reaction. The bad news for bulls is that the highs were unconfirmed […]

mcm daily market update 21.Nov.22

Main trend: up ST trend: neutral Markets finished last week undecided putting in an indecision doji, ending the week near the lvl where they started, with long tails both up and down. Friday was OPEX and the whipsaws didn't dissappoint, large gap up, that got sold hard, then LOD hit near mid day and push […]

mcm daily market update 18.Nov.22

Main trend: up ST trend: up The market flushed yesterday in a pretty violent manner opening with a large 50+ points gap down, however bulls managed to defend the prior support area near 3900 and staged an impressive rally. The gap fill area provided some resistance for a late day drop, but bulls again managed […]

mcm daily market update 15.Nov.22

Maine trend: up ST Trend: up The market continued the melt-up started after the CPI numbers. The rate of ascent slowed, but bulls still managed to clip 4k, before staging the 1st steep reversal yesterday, dropping 50 points in 2h. The drop also sliced below ML, but bulls quickly recovered it in the o/n. The […]