Are you ARMED?


Are you ARMED?


Are you ARMED?

mcm provides advanced and proprietary data processing, analytics and technology for markets. With extensive technology and markets experience, mcm seeks to implement elegant and innovative tools that provide an edge in a highly complex and competitive environment. This website represents a significant step in that direction, by seeking to provide sophisticated analysis and tools that can be delivered in such a way as to require virtually no technology infrastructure, staff or sophisticated equipment or databases - yet provide a significantly enhanced capability for clients

Our tools are designed to be timely, accurate and ubiquitously accessible - Ipad, trading workstation, laptop, phone, internet device - does not matter, our technology delivery is designed to be as flexible as possible and work where and how you do

In addition to technology solutions, mcm has a commitment to providing education, live analysis room, and a moderated/directed community to support getting the maximum potential from our products

  • Gap Tools

    A core capability of the mcm toolset is market structure. GAP TOOLS as a key benefactor of our advanced market structure and emotion analysis.:

    real-time analysis of gap metrics, including emotion, volume, strength and velocity.allow for gap projection probability tool kit computed within the first minute of the cash session

    Understanding the percentile ranking of a gap emotion, volume, dollars added/dollars withdrawn and range of outcome probabilities are powerful tools that we use to show great prescience very early in the session. Time frames for the high of day, low of day, break-down, reversal and fill probabilities are all significant inputs in understanding the most likely behavior for a gap as it is occurring. More often than not, the expected outcome correlates highly with what occurs in reality - contrasting greatly versus using instinct, emotions or crude statistics to analyse a gap.

  • e-Tick Tools

    Our flagship tool set is a technology called e-TICK TOOLS. The primary area of focus of this technology is:

    streaming real-time measurement, ranking and representation of market participant eMOTION, behavior, and market impact.

    e-Tick Tools represents a unique proprietary non-correlated and non-lagging approach to equity index behavioral price analysis. It produces prescient and quantifiable feedback near high probability inflection points and prices without lag. This capability is achieved based on trade level analysis of market participant behavior and price levels of exertion. There is NO other toolset we know of with which to reliably establish with such a high probability what market participants are actually doing.

    e-Tick Tools enables the ability to to gain real-time statistically relevant analysis of what traders are doing and when they are acting to within markets at extremes.

  • Price Tools - Market Support and Resistance

    Support and resistances are critical for assessing markets and making decisions regarding them. mcm uses and innovative technological way to build the REAL support and resistances levels that the market has created by building a database of every inflection point on 1 and 5 minute charts - evaluating their importance and providing dynamic feedback and access to this most critical data.

  • Accumulation and eMotion Indexes

    Accumulation and eMOTION Indexes are mcm proprietary indexes...that are unlike most any other metric. Accumulation index is a prescient and powerful instrument with which to gauge what traders are doing whether the market is being bought or sold and includes unique ways of evaluating intensity. Accumulation Components are individual metrics that determine true cash flow into and out of equities on a daily and accumulated basis, share price momentum and directionality and up and down trade ticket flow.

  • Market Structure Tools - Projection

    As stated previously, a core capability of the mcm toolset is market structure analysis. MARKET STRUCTURE TOOLS are built on a proprietary and unique database of market structure down to 30-minute resolution that the mcm tool-set maintains and builds.

    Sophisticated and proprietary algorithms for real-time analysis of comprehensive market structure enables the projection forward of time windows, directionality, likely biasing and market type,

    These techniques, the mcm toolset, can create precise and accurate projection of market structure from intraday to time frames spanning years. The results, more often than would normally deemed possible, are stunning and prescient. Imagine being able to look forward into markets with a high probability directional analysis. What our current implementation of market structure projection CAN DO is project forward likely timing and direction bias. What it CAN NOT DO is project forward scale of directional movement - this is not an attribute considered core to the objectives of the tool-set at this point.

Please note that all the data provided should not be relied upon for settlement or other purposes. mcm-ct makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy and timeliness of the data provided and shall not be responsible for any parties’ reliance on any such data or conclusions drawn by using it.