e-Tick Tools Testimonials

There are not many tools that allow retail investors to keep up with Institutions. Tick Tools is one of those tools. I have never used a tool that gives me precise entry and exits signals as Tick Tools. The power in Tick Tools one centralized dashboard to make long-term and short-term market decisions, can not be beaten. I would highly recommend tick tools to anybody wanting an edge in the market. - Tyrone R

The amazing thing about Tick Tools is how well it works across any time frame. It doesn't matter if you're a swing trader, a longer-term trader, or a daytrader. There are signals that will improve your performance on any or all of those levels. The array of tools is in itself remarkable--at any point in the action, you have a firmer grip on what the market is doing and where it's likely to go. In fact, there is probably no other set of tools that give you a better sense of probabilities. This has really revolutionized how I see and approach the market, to the point where I can say that if you can't make money trading with Tick Tools, you probably can't make money trading. It just makes your judgment of every situation sharper, more accurate, and more profitable. - dark1p

Learning and incorporating Tick Tools into my trading has been an adventure. I have had huge winners, picked the top of the market by 5 points, and avoided getting run over all by using these tools. I have also ignored the warnings that Tick Tools provided and tried to short a parabolic, to-the-moon rally. Each time I made mistakes, I went back over the data that Tick Tools provided, and it was clear that I had a bias that overrode the signals given by Tick Tools. But fortunately, each mistake led me to discover another aspect of the Tick Tools suite.

There is an unbelievable amount of information imbedded in the tools that even after using Tick Tools every day for a year, I am still discovering new ways to trade using them. And that is not for lack of study. There are hours upon hours worth of lectures available for study and I have watched them all twice. Even so, my trading continues to evolve with every win and every loss.

I have never seen tools with such depth and with such precision. If you want to day trade, you can pinpoint inflection points in the minute by minute data. Or you can use the sentiment tools, which show you when market participants are offsides and when it is time to fade them. If you want to swing trade, you can use longer term sentiment tools in conjunction with cycles (my personal favorite) to establish trends and turning points. There are 6 different cycle time frames available, so you can adjust the tools to your specific trading style.

And finally, there are X-ticks; those beautiful levels that separate Tick Tools from anything I have ever seen. X-ticks can be used for day trading, as key levels where reversals are highly probable. Or for the swing trader, they can be used to establish trend or key support/resistance levels. The incredible thing is that these are emotional levels, and the market remembers them for months (maybe longer, I’ll let you know after I’ve used the tools for a few years). Plot all the major X-tick levels over top of the market price and you now have a roadmap. This plot shows where you can expect the market to trend, where you can expect a consolidation, or even a turn. X-ticks is the name of the game!

If the tools themselves weren’t enough to get you interested, then there is the support team: real-time tweets by the creator, giving you insight into his thoughts about what the tools are signaling, a private chat room with other traders that use Tick Tools, and an “office hours” style opportunity each day to ask about the tools and/or review the day’s signals.

Putting together all the aspects I have highlighted, it is easy to create a personalized trading style using the Tick Tools suite. Everything from day trading to swing trading, from scalping to trend following, it is all available using Tick Tools. It has been a joy learning these tools, making friends with other traders, and ensuring that I will have an edge in the markets for years to come. I am grateful to be able to be a part of the Tick Tools community.

- Cameron S.

25 years ago I started investing in the US stock market. Then 17 years ago, I began trading using technical indicators, and in all that time, I've been trying to find that indicator that would give me a better insight into what was going on inside the markets.

Over the years, I've learned that it takes a bag of tools at your disposal to be able to successfully trade the market. For me, I now watch mostly trend lines, Fib numbers, moving averages and others. I also use Elliot Wave to try to put those indicators into a picture that might help me understand where the next move might lead.

Enter Tick Tools. For me, Tick Tools has become a very important tool in the bag. It's ability to confirm extremes, especially when used in conjunction with other indicators, is uniquely helpful in the decision process for trade triggers. While RSI and MACD can also show extremes in the markets, they can stay maxed at levels for extended periods of time. Tick Tools gives a definitive confirmation of the moment when an extreme is hit. Like any indicator, the success of the trade placed based on Tick Tools extremes depends on how it is interpreted by the trader along with the others tools at hand.

For me, Tick Tools clears the fog that markets can be shrouded in. There is no silver bullet in the craziness of today's markets, but Tick Tools is a top tool in my daily trading decision-making process.

- Dave

Although I'm still working at understanding the depth of the information presented in your charts, I have to say that it is the most impressive original technical analysis I've seen in my more than 30 years trading the markets.

Thank you for all of the effort you have clearly put into the development and refinement of these tools. And I'm sure that everyone here is grateful to you that you have chosen to share these professional caliber tools Once again, thank you and keep up the outstanding work. Thumbs Up

- Rocky

Unique, original, brilliant. Still learning this amazing tool. Thank you for the awesome amount of work you have put into this, for your charts and commentary and for enabling me to be profitable whilst being very bearish. - Greta A

I have been trading since 1971. Think of what I have seen. I have not seen anyone who has the tools and confidence to do what you do. Your dedication is exemplary. - Heavenly Media

Ticktools was unreal. Nailed everything today. My only losses were betting on breakouts against what Ticktools was showing. Amazing MCM. Amazing. - user_e

Tick Tools have proven to an invaluable addition to my trading strategies on virtually every dynamic level of managing a trade. - Ashley

I can honestly say if I didn't have this tool I would be off to a miserable start to the day. Instead up handsomely. - Rob B.

Extremely valuable to me as a private investor. I do my own work but you are the primary supplement to my analysis every day. - Sam S

MCM I trust your stuff. It's about risk management for people that follow anyone. You are my basic that I work off. - Steve H

U folks are good, and clearly love what you do - key of course to success. Some of the best work I have ever seen. - J

I'm writing to express my thanks for you hosting the live ticktools stream, it has helped me tremendously in identifying good entry and exit points. - James D

Thank you for the great work - it has been very incredibly valuable for me. I really respect your candor, transparency and great depth of knowledge. - Todd

You have created a magnificent tool. I am still learning how to analyze the data. I am a 70 year old man who has been in markets since August 1971. I have never seen anything like it. You have my heartfelt admiration and respect. I could write more but you get the idea. BRAVO. - Heavenly M

I use the e-Ticks Tools & Accumulation Index Detail every day. They are a great addition to my arsenal -- very valuable.. - Jay

Tick tools is one of the most useful things I have found… and is a huge help when navigating intraday reversals, and seeing through the noise. - Jay P

Can't help but to follow you. Your tools are unique/profitable and your incites are a breath of fresh air. - Allan M

Little over two weeks on tick tools. Wish I found it sooner. Learned more in the last few weeks from you than I did in the last 5 years. - Gary

I must tell you, I am simply stunned by the accuracy of ticktools. I am also genuinely impressed with the twitter analysis and interpretation of the data. It is astounding. - Frank A

I have been a trader since 2008 and I've never come upon a service as valuable to a subscriber as MCM. Thank you. - Doug A