About Us

mcm is dedicated to innovation. mcm is focused on unique technologies for markets. mcm is committed to digital content distribution & its usable and efficient consumption.

We are located in the Munich area in Germany. With licensing and distribution arrangements with talented and highly experienced developers for markets related data analytics and tools. mcm is focused on enabling safe, productive and usable distribution of and access to sophisticated intellectual property. We are focused on continued research and development of new distribution tools and approaches that aim to not only provide channels for our licensee's but also users. Our goal is to connect users with concepts and technology that is not the standard consortium approach but rather breaks the mold and explores unique and non-traditional analysis that is both non-correlated and applicable for productive real-world use.

Currently, the technologies being distributed via our infrastructure, represent a significant achievement in this direction - harvesting innovation from decades of experience, sophisticated hardware/configuration and highly demanding administration and data requirements. For individuals to access this type of data analysis in the past would have required information technology team, very expensive hardware with exceptionally large amounts of RAM for real-time data-processing and prohibitively expensive data, licensing and support agreements with providers. We are very proud of the achievements of the first round of rollouts to our site and are committed to implementation of many more capabilities and tools.

mcm management has had decades of experience with sophisticated media tools, markets and software development and seeks to work with the most unique and high-quality talent and capabilities can be found.

mcm appreciates working with exceptional talent and would like to thank all the people who have motivated, helped or inspired us. Extra special thanks to:

    • pretzelcharts.com  - Jason Haver- simply the best Elliott Wave Theory market analyst & amazing community. Also great inspiration for some of the many experiments that became — well not experiments anymore. Please visit his blog for his Monday, Wednesday and Friday updates and Join his community and make a donation to support his exemplary work.
    • We would also like to thank our friends Elsa and Scott (they know who they are) for being inspirations on this journey with our work and also for their support

We would love to hear from you. Let us know your thoughts.