So while you dicks are not doing the party, pls see this chart EUR vs USD using a 3-standard deviation bollinger band vs the 200DMA. As you can see, the EUR is WAY offsides, also confirmed by the CFTC net long EURUSD position. Main driver of DXY. Rico knows things. Cum @ me IDGAF

Square grew its top-line 64%. Wow, so great!


Revenue from Bitcoin grew 7x to $875 million in the quarter.

If you exclude Bitcoin entirely (subtract $875 million from this quarter and $125 million from last Q2), guess the growth?

Exactly 0% 😱

This is how CCP and antifa collaborate

Twitter feed video.This is how CCP and antifa collaborate
Andy Ngô@MrAndyNgo

"I have worked undercover for months and I’ve seen with my own eyes how hundreds of so-called protesters work together to carry out acts of organized criminality against government and civilians."

Watch my full testimony to congress about #antifa:

24 years ago, media rushed to judgment for profit. In recent years, media rushes to judgment for propaganda.

It you are getting your “news” from mainstream media, you ain’t getting news.

All about agenda. Social media now in lockstep with mainstream media.

We are being played.

@roamgem Dude come on grow up I’m shorting the market up here the market should’ve gone down today the dollar should’ve wrapped up this process is taking longer than I thought - grow up

@hoosjimsmith @nytimes That’s not the point - of course it’s very easy for me to compile a chart of the increased number of deaths of suicide drug abuse etc. I have not done that the New York Times did it kindly go read the article for yourself

This is what propaganda looks like and if it reminds you of what’s going on now it should and DO NOT TRUST EXPERTS JUST BECAUSE THE WORD EXPERT IS USED IN A SENTENCE

cc: @CJBowden1

@CJBowden1 Funny this is posted on far left progressive @wef - absolutely disgusting how much power these idiots have amassed to use to make us miserable for their benefit

@hoosjimsmith @nytimes You just love to believe in the psyop and psychological ware fare being waged on the people right now - there is literally no fact or claim from the giver you won’t question it appears

well @nytimes attempting to get in front of the next storm they will face are now admitting that the lockdowns have & are causing 10 to 20 times more deaths than the #covid situation they are designed to restrain...additionally, the #covid deaths are overcounted by a factor of 2

Without providing any evidence, President Trump claims the explosion in #Beirut is a result of an attack.

This contradicts the official statement of the Lebanese prime minister.


@HedgeyeDDale @JamesGRickards @scientificecon Correct: Quantity Theory of Disaggregated Credit.
Total credit creation C divided into Cr and Cf: C=Cr + Cf
(1) credit creation for the real economy (GDP transactions): CrVr = PrY
& 2)

(2) credit creation for asset purchases (financial transactions)

@HedgeyeDDale @JamesGRickards @scientificecon
The entire velocity story is just not explaining inflation well enough. I am quoting Richard Werner @scientificecon
Velocity decline an illusion due to MV=PY wrongly assuming all money in real economy.

We need to geolocate this, but obviously a wide area devastated by the Beirut explosion.

Twitter feed video.We need to geolocate this, but obviously a wide area devastated by the Beirut explosion.

Footage of the aftermath of the explosion just a few hundred meters away from the explosion site
#Lebanon #Beirut

“We are just right now identifying the justification for what we're saying it costs -- how the money would be spent," Pelosi said. "And we're asking the same for some of the things they are talking about, so that we have a clear understanding. So it's productive in that regard.“

New - Pelosi told me she still wants a stimulus deal this week.
Asked if she has an idea on the price tag she's willing to settle for, Pelosi said: “Yeah, $3.4 trillion." Asked if it’s feasible to get a deal this week, she said: “At some point you just have to freeze the design."

@mcm_ct I’ve always wondered how politics can lead to violence. Having seen the irrationality of the ppl we are up against I now understand. There is no reasoning or rational argument with ppl who believe 2+2 = 5

Minnesota withheld the full #GeorgeFloyd body cam footage for one reason and one reason only: they knew it would immediately dispel the race narrative and they wanted to assist the Democrats in dividing Americans in an election year.

Absolutely appalling.


The United States condemns the Chinese Communist Party’s attempt to prosecute pro-democracy advocates resident outside of China, including in the United States. We stand on the side of freedom.

It’s so sad. Republicans are legimately negotiating against themselves. The longer this goes on the more likely they will NEED to pass a bill that is probably even bigger than the one Nancy already passed @apollotradingsd. I think I nailed this one 😀

This woman is on drugs

Twitter feed video.This woman is on drugs
The Hill@thehill

Sen. Mazie Hirono: "President Trump has ignored factual evidence showing that white supremacists have hijacked peaceful protests to incite violence and stoke racial conflict, such as in Minneapolis."

Sen. @TedCruz critiques Sen. Mazie Hirono's video: "At the end of that video, that as narrated it describes law enforcement officers as 'unidentified' while the video shows them with the words 'POLICE' in bright yellow all-caps across their chest."

#BREAKING: Sen. Ted Cruz introduces RECLAIM Act which allows those injured in riots as a result of political leaders denying police protection the right to sue municipality or city: "Denying fair protection of law enforcement is a civil rights violation."

The president doesn’t have that power to hand out money

Twitter feed video.The president doesn’t have that power to hand out money
Julie Tsirkin@JulieNBCNews

Mnuchin & Meadows emerge from lunch w/ Republican Senators on their way to meet with Pelosi & Schumer.

Mnuchin now says the admin will “absolutely” consider executive action if a deal isn’t reached. “Hopefully we’ll make progress today and not have to do that.”

The ISM mfg PMI headline improved to 54.2 in July from 52.6. One would think given how diffusion surveys are constructed (“better”, “same” or “worse” than prev. month), we'd be at 100! For a true measure of the state of the economy, 7/8 industry comments were downright downbeat.

A mini unit in #Guangzhou, #China, less than 4 square meters including the bathroom(if it can be called a bathroom) . 1680 yuan ($240) per month.

Let's not beat around the bush on the #beirut bombing. The Israelis have been attacked Syria multiple times this week. It's possible they had false intel that there was something more than fireworks in that warehouse. They won't admit to the attack too many civilian casualties.