e-Tick Tools

e-Tick Tools

Get Inside The Market

e-Tick Tools is a proprietary approach and technology that enables an unprecedented and in-depth analysis of exhaustive and emotional behavior in key markets. e-Tick Tools is fundamentally different from other analysis. It is not designed to analyze a series of prices, but rather analyze market facts, behavior, and events. The toolset represents its detailed analysis of key prices and confirmation feedback at key event-driven areas of significance. The results are unparalleled and enlightening: The methodology generates relatively few signals/data points but highly relevant and revealing real-time feedback.

e-Tick Tools Livestream gives you access to real-time charts and signals with spoken alerts from your PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android.

e-Tick Tools Notifications delivers text alerts via the mcm Proprietary App to your mobile phone and or email.

Access from your PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android

e-Tick Tools provides a unique edge to view and interpret the markets, and is accessible so individual traders/firms can flexibly load it on multiple platforms.

Tick Tools and its supporting applications are formidable tools calculated on our servers - the tools require significant server resources for real-time calculation - this requires databases to be maintained, referenced and updated on an ongoing real-time basis to function correctly.

This is why we implemented a web distribution mechanism and maintain the data & the supporting databases, feeds, upgrades, and hardware requirements behind the scenes to that all these analytics can still accessed even on an iPhone or on your laptop/trading workstation.