mcm daily market update 12.Aug.22

ST trend: neutral

Yesterday we noted that the ST trend was up, as bulls continued to push higher and even avoided a ML test, which would have been the normal expectation after an up squeeze like on the CPI numbers day. And indeed bulls managed to squeeze shorts once more after RTH open and pushed to 4260, before exhausting themselves. The main issue for them is that yesterday's gap now looks like an exhaustion gap as it was filled completely. Not only that, but towards the end of the RTH session they had problems holding ML as support.

The o/n came to the rescue for the bulls as they managed to win back ML and then grind near it, before pushing higher. That push generated bearish EE, which was defended and then price came back to ML. So now we have the chop zone - ML to the lower high from yesterday and which is the bearish EE lvl on FGSI. Until one breaks there is no resolution and the trend is neutral, meaning chop.

From an EWT stand point it is possible that yesterday's high marked a longer term top. However the decline off that high is a clear 3 waver. That means that the KO lvl for the immediately bearish scenario is exactly the lower high vs which FGSI is showing bearish EE. Funny how that works and how TTs and GSI lines converge into these important points. So if 4240 is broken, then it's likely yesterday's high is not "THE" top and more work is needed to the upside. on the other hand if yesterday's LOD is taken out, then the "top is in" scenario would start gaining a lot of weight.