mcm daily market update 22.Sep.22

MT trend: down

ST trend: down

Yesterday we noted that the MT trend was down, while the ST trend was neutral as bulls had won ML and were trying to hold above. The session proved to be sideways chop, as predicted, while everyone waited for FOMC decision and presser. That brought the expected volatility as mkt tanked 70 points, then ramped 80 to make a new HOD, after which it dropped like a stone to break the lows.

The o/n was more lenient with the bulls as after a lower low, which was unconfirmed on FGSI, they managed to stage a come-back and back-test ML. Now price is hovering just below ML, which will make the next move off RTH open key. ML is the main LIS for the ST trend, so if it continues to reject price, we could head on over to yesterday's LOD and possibly much lower if that give way. On the bull side, if they manage to win back ML they could push into a macro-ML test. Winning also macro-ML would signal they are attempting to finish this downside move.

On the EWT front, we do not have much clarity unfortunately. The main flaw of EWT - the "too many possible options" is holding true here. The wild whipsaws yesterday were likely part of the same corrective move, so we started a new impulse at yesterday's FOMC high and HOD. But whether that impulse finished already and with it the larger degree impulse off 4120 is still a "?". If it did, then a large retrace (bounce) is needed before more downside. If it did not, then this move could choose to extend.