e-Tick Tools Testimonials

Round of applause for mentor and market technician @mcm_ct. What an amazing read of the tape this past week or so. I'm in awe of this work and tick tools! - Balanced_F

Kept me out of some bad location trades for sure. Very thankful to #ticktools for that. - Ticksofthetrade

We would like to thank you for your hard work and making this small community of ours to be possible. We appreciate it a lot! - Cheerful T

Love it! Keep up the great work, really appreciate it! Excellent analysis, these are tough markets, and your interpretation of "ticktools" helps immensely! - Paul

Thanks for the behind the scenes insight - Ryan P

Shoutout to @mcm_ct for providing clarity in this crazy market. Best in the business and consistently blown away by #ticktools. Incredibly valuable and actionable data and gives you the ability to analyze the market from a psychological standpoint unlike anything else out there. - Simply V

You nailed it. Great! What I have to say: with ticktools one has so beat odds, it's almost a bit boring to trade - which is the best state of mind for trading imo. - Aaron

Thanks for all your amazing insight into the market. Your commentary & charts saved me today. Profitable day instead of getting whipped around and loosing my shirt. - Z

Thanks for all your work.; I would be failing without ticktools an your guidance. - Dale P

Thanks to each of you. All your input makes this a powerful trading tool. - Phillip B

You offer such incredible insights I can't thank you enough; you turned what could have been an unmitigated trading disaster for me into a cogent learning process that will serve me well for the many years to come - a sincere thank you. - Richard

Simply amazing accuracy! - Alex

Tick...tools....are.....awesome! - Scruffy

Wonderful work! - NJ268

Amazing, Awesome and Accurate - Scott

excellent tools. - portobellovcs3

amazing skill. - Hillwalker

I will say that I not always agree with your views… but the tools are exceptional and have helped me avoid some big losses and also let me scalp intraday. More than anything else, I enjoy the chat and the community of traders we have built on the chat daily. We exchange ideas and learn from each other. - Karan G

Gotta love them Tick Tools! - David

Charts are great. Still learning, but these charts and signals are awesome. Thanks so much - Mountain Trader

For your tick tools! Amazing! - Alexander