e-Tick Tools Testimonials

Extremely valuable to me as a private investor. I do my own work but you are the primary supplement to my analysis every day. - Sam S

I use the e-Ticks Tools & Accumulation Index Detail every day. They are a great addition to my arsenal -- very valuable.. - Jay

Extremely helpful! Especially with the sentiment indexes and your interpretation. - JATC1

Always appreciate your work improving our trading cockpit! Thank you. Invaluable - Carlton

Tick tolls has been a tremendous help and is really an incredible tool. - Mark K

Amazing stuff, every day! Can't believe not more folks realize how amazing your insight is! - Kona

Your analysis are the best! thx - Kristof

I don't comment much but tick tools is just rocking. The more I know - my use just gets better - Todd M

As usual Tick tools killed it today. Another green day. - Mark B

Best tool I've used and I've tested several over the years - PRIVATE

Imo ticktools pays for itself as much for the trades you DON'T take as the ones you do. - Sharp

Tick Tools is remarkably accurate even in the most volatile price action - John

I use e-Tick Tools daily and have been highly successful! - Blorrilliere

Tick Tools nailing it again today. Awesome - long_as_abull

You are doing an outstanding job. Really I've never seen anyone better in 20 years! - Hawkowl9469

. The "stop-runs" triggers work great and are successful 8 out of 10 times. - Alex

I do a lot of quants but I'm impress with your tick tools - Daniel F

Thank you for your work. This has been a treasure trove. I'm gratefull - Dereck C

Round of applause for mentor and market technician @mcm_ct. What an amazing read of the tape this past week or so. I'm in awe of this work and tick tools! - Balanced_F

Kept me out of some bad location trades for sure. Very thankful to #ticktools for that. - Ticksofthetrade

We would like to thank you for your hard work and making this small community of ours to be possible. We appreciate it a lot! - Cheerful T