e-Tick Tools Testimonials

Ticktools was unreal. Nailed everything today. My only losses were betting on breakouts against what Ticktools was showing. Amazing MCM. Amazing. - user_e

I use the e-Ticks Tools & Accumulation Index Detail every day. They are a great addition to my arsenal -- very valuable.. - Jay

U folks are good, and clearly love what you do - key of course to success. Some of the best work I have ever seen. - J

Just wanted to say thank you for working hard for all of us. I can tell you put serious effort into your business and it is appreciated. - John D

Extremely helpful! Especially with the sentiment indexes and your interpretation. - JATC1

Always appreciate your work improving our trading cockpit! Thank you. Invaluable - Carlton

Tick tolls has been a tremendous help and is really an incredible tool. - Mark K

Amazing stuff, every day! Can't believe not more folks realize how amazing your insight is! - Kona

Your analysis are the best! thx - Kristof

I don't comment much but tick tools is just rocking. The more I know - my use just gets better - Todd M

As usual Tick tools killed it today. Another green day. - Mark B

Best tool I've used and I've tested several over the years - PRIVATE

Imo ticktools pays for itself as much for the trades you DON'T take as the ones you do. - Sharp

Tick Tools is remarkably accurate even in the most volatile price action - John

I use e-Tick Tools daily and have been highly successful! - Blorrilliere

Tick Tools nailing it again today. Awesome - long_as_abull

You are doing an outstanding job. Really I've never seen anyone better in 20 years! - Hawkowl9469

. The "stop-runs" triggers work great and are successful 8 out of 10 times. - Alex

I do a lot of quants but I'm impress with your tick tools - Daniel F

i have been using MCM tools almost since they were first offered to individual traders, and they just keep getting better. The information and signals can serve anyone, whether you're a longer-term investor, a swing trader, or the shortest-term trader who's in and out in minutes or even seconds. The accuracy is incredible, the breadth of tools remarkable. If you can't make money trading with Tick Tools, you probably can't make money. - dark1p

Thank you for your work. This has been a treasure trove. I'm gratefull - Dereck C