mcm daily market update 20.Dec.21

ST trend: down

On Friday we were noting that the ST trend was down as buyers had lost ML and macro-ML and were very inefficient on bounces via FGSI. That played out as expected as price continued lower about 40 more points from our post, before buyers finally attempted a bigger bounce from another trip to extreme pessimism on FGSI. That bounce perfectly back-tested ML and price rejected there. Buyers attempted again, after holding a higher low, but ML rejected price again and closed the session on Friday pretty ominous for buyers.

Sunday and today's o/n sessions continued the bearish set-up from Friday. Buyers were very inefficient on bounces (via FGSI) and price kept making lower lows. Given the strong rejection at ML, the main trend is down, until that changes. We are on the Monday after OPEX, so the market might attempt a larger bottom here. The 1st step for buyers would be to defend the o/n low and if they can't at least the low near 4500 reached beggining of December.