mcm daily market update 30.Sep.22

Main trend: down

ST trend: neutral

Yesterday the market saw a big gap down open and flushed more after RTH oepned. it stopped near the prior lows and staged a bounce, but it was just a DCB and mkt dropped to new lows after that. Last 1h brought again a short squeeze and price got back near ML again.

The o/n was decently bullish so far. ML back-test pushed price lower, but bulls made a higher low vs yesterday's LOD and then pushed back to win ML. Now price is chopping between ML and macro-ML. Mkt is waiting for the PCE numbers coming out at 8:30 ET. That is likely to trigger fireworks so watch your stops.

In the bigger picture, the market continues to act weak. Every bounce is sold and bulls are unable to hold any support. That is not constructive price action for bulls. EWT wise, bulls had a shot at a larger multi-day bounce yesterdays at the initial low reached in the morning, but again they failed to hold and the new low points to further weakness as now the move off 3737 looks like only 3 waves and therefore incomplete. Bulls do have a few near term options, so it's not crystal clear if we are gonna break the lows directly or if bulls wanna bounce first. In any case it is again a case of "pay me now or pay me later" for bears, as yesterday's lows are unlikely to hold for long. PCE is the catalyst and after this data we will know if we are going lower directly or after another trip higher.