mcm daily market update 27.Jan.22

ST trend: up

Yesterday we were noting that the ST trend was up with potential pullback starting as FGSI was coming back from extreme optimism and was showing unconfirmed highs. We did get a few whipsaws, then a proper pullback into a ML back-test before continuing back higher. We also warned that due to FOMC large swings in both directions were likely while waiting for the decision. The market obliged. Additionally we mentioned that the announcement itself is likely to trigger a very large move, while the 1st move is usually fake. The market also obliged on both. We saw a spike 3min after the announcement, then the market waterfalled more than 100 points to reach 4300 again.

The o/n saw an early attempted bounce which tested ML from below and then the market sold off to new lows. The lower lows were unconfirmed by FGSI and that triggered another large bounce (typical action). Buyers got price back above ML and FGSI is showing that sellers are inefficient. So the trend seems to be back to up. Buyers need to hold price above ML to avoid any doubts. As long as that happens, there is a lot of room on FGSI to push prices higher before it reaches extreme optimism and signals a ST pullback.