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How to access the e-TickTools Livestream

The e-Tick Tools Livestream is available 23 hours/day Sunday - Friday
You can remain logged in the whole week
The stream restarts every Sunday around  5:15 pm EST

After subscribing to the e-Tick Tools Livestream you will receive the following confirmation EMAIL with your access URL:
"e-Tick Tools Livestream Confirmation"

How to install the desktop app
By clicking the URL "Join Webinar" in the above-mentioned Confirmation email
a new browser window opens
The download of the desktop app should automatically begin in a few seconds,
but if not, click on "Click GoToWebinar Opener to begin" (lower-left corner)
then "Open" & "Run"
"Connecting to the Webinar"
a new browser window opens with the e-Tick Tools charts and a “Control Panel” next to it.

Make sure the computer audio on the Control Panel  is ON
On the Control Panel choose "Computer audio" and "Test your sound"
Under "Control Panel" "File" you can "Exit the Livestream"

More information about how to start GoToWebinar here:

In case you experience problems viewing the e-Tick Tools Livestream with charts:

1. Uninstall GoToWebinar
2.  Install the GoToWebinar desktop app new
By clicking the URL "Join Webinar" in the above-mentioned Confirmation email.

Or try installing the software directly first, then join or start your session again: