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DollarFlow Index is also rendered on the main TickTools chart

As you can see below this offers an ability to see Ticktools Events along with the important tests of DollarFlow Index...

The DollarFlow index represents a Ticktools Flow analysis that calculates the overall flows/cash balances of accounts. When the DollarFLow level reaches zero its a point where participants with recent profits are likely to be back to breakeven and many are easily subject to be shaken out as weak hands. After these participants are out of the way then the supply of sell orders (in the case of a test of the zero bound from above) most often drops precipitously and that promotes a reaction at these events to the upside.

HOWEVER, a bounce out of the zero bound that subsequently fails to below ZERO can turn into a very negative situation for markets once the ZERO BOUND level is successfully defended from below (meaning unable to be exceeded)