e-Tick Tools Livestream

mcm has spared no effort, research or diligence to bring a complete framework of revolutionary tools to fruition that enables you to see the markets in a totally new way. With e-Tick Tools Livestream you get access to the real-time charts and spoken Alerts for the S&P500, Dow Futures, Nasdaq 100 Futures.

e-Tick Tools represents a unique non-correlated and non-lagging approach to equity index behavior and price analysis. It produces prescient and quantifiable feedback in high probability inflection points and prices without lag. This is achieved based on the analysis of the behavior of market participants and price levels at which they exert themselves. There is NO other tool we know of with which to reliably establish with such a high probability what market participants are actually doing.


  • Objective

    E-Tick Tools is the most useful true real-time emotion analysis tool-set that we know. There are emotion indexes, such as VIX or Put/Call. But these bear no resemblance to what E-Tick Tools does. e-Tick Tools dynamically identifies points of objective exhaustion and emotional probability by referencing its database of 15 to 20 years of data and analyzing each trade tick's qualities in the significant index's underlying securities for emotional exhaustion and capitulatory behavior.

  • Emotions

    The core area of focus of this technology is: streaming real-time analysis, measurement, ranking, and representation of market participant emotions, behavior, and market impact. e-Tick Tools provides a unique edge with which you learn to view and interpret the markets. 

  • Non-Correllated

    Our approach is not price correlated or indicator based. We do not fall into the same configurations as other methods do. We think you will see the market in a new way once you can view markets purely on probability, timing, and emotion. Statistical and objective analysis reduces wasted energy such as chasing, unnecessary errors, and effort by focusing on high probability areas.

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