Trading Rules

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  1. Always have a plan for the day. If the market moves against it, sit on the sidelines and re-assess.
  2. Trade with clear targets in mind. Expectation, stop loss, alternatives. Do NOT trade if you don't know the direction (or count) or what it could be.
  3. When opening a trade, check all signals - daily projection, timing window, RSI, Buy/Sell Extremes, cycles. Look for reasons why NOT to take the trade.
  4. Do NOT gamble! If not sure what the market would do very short term - wait!
  5. Never chase, unless you have great reasons why you should do that.
  6. Never trade against the trend. Look at ML (price below or above), 1 and 2.5min cycles (up or down) and danny and momentum for short term direction.
  7. Never trade emotions. Fear and greed are your worst enemies when trading!
  8. Never trade when not feeling well or angry, sad, upset.
  9. When in the trade - be 100% there. No distractions.
  10. If you can't be 100% there - don't trade. There will always be another opportunity.