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is making it easy to collect the charts you need for your trading style on one page.

How to Customize:

  1. Select in the Navigation upper right corner:
    members / Resources / " My Chart Capsule Builder "

  1. Select the number of columns for your Chart Capsule - 1 or 2 are common. The "Chart Capsule - Large" which is available for Expert Members has only 1 column.

  1. Select the charts for your Chart Capsule. You can drag & organize the selected charts.

    Save each selected chart by clicking " + " to your Chart Capsule

    Save Settings "
    Click on: "Go to the charts page"

  1. Your Chart Capsule will open in a new tab.

    Your settings are saved and you can reopen your chart capsule from now on under:

    members / Resources / My Chart Capsule.