Exceptional Day and Exceptional Times

Today was filled with outstanding eTickTools triggers, market impulses and emotions. Market eMotions are running at 78% above normal and  we got one x-tick after the other today for exceptional trading. quite amazing really. The changes rolled out and techniques discussed this weekend were extremely useful in trading crash oriented markets. So, on that front, things are quite outstanding.

However, on the market front, we felt that an update of the mcm Smart Money Indexes was in order. There is no shortage of jaw-dropping action represented in these indexes. For all the central banker jawboning, they really have "no real commitment" and are willing to let the people they claim to serve, endure unbelievable hardship. China has all but given up with their ruse and is actively  bankrupting everyone that it can find in order to support the "central planner panacea that all goes back ultimately to the Fed" and which ultimately goes back to theBank of England.

The only account balances that look any ok over the last few years are manipulation accounts (paper accounts of the central banks). Reality is that transactible mechanisms for these cartel members are fast declining, as is cooperation. The net worth and equity of the central banks globally is working hard to press ultimately into negative territory. Cooperation is declining because positive equity and are now moving towards negative equity - money printing in this respect is irrelevant. Though it is imaginable that if you, in a similar situation as the central banks,  could make cooperation aramgements with Prada to trade over-prices and senseless objects dejour with them while you have the perception od viability and they are desperate to sell them. However, if a sustainted period where you and Prada go into negative equity, their inclination to sell is hampered by their inability to do business just as yours would be. So, to go to Prada to spend $100,000 on a bag or sunglasses with -$1,000,000 in the account from which you plan on paying the bill with just an agreement of cooperation with an insolvent Prada who can no longer make, locate or deliver the object you seek is likely to not be a long-lasting venture. Initially, Prada may give try to come up with some terms for them and you to record the sale on their balancesheet, but very soon the mat in front of the Prada store for you and Prada would be gone. So much is similar for a central banker with such decrepit math skills.

The mcm Smart Money Indexes demonstrate clearly that markets have only just begun this move. Many traders may be feeling left out or way too left in. However, the implications are traders resentful of not having closed longs at higher prices are goign to end up quite  a bit more resentful in short order and those who feel like they missed the short of a life time - will soon if they do not focus on the setups that are only JUST BEGINNING. The market move has barely started is not anywhere near complete by all the measures we can see, In the near-term we still anticipate, via MSP data, some strength emerging this week into week 1 of September followed by decline and then strength into the week of the 21st followed by what can likely be a larger cash than the current down move - unless the arrogance of central banker meets cooperation and commitment on a massive scale of course -(which seems unlikely). So, to the charts - further explanation not necessary:

August 25th, 2015 mcm Smart Money Indexes Update

August 25th, 2015 mcm Smart Money Indexes Update

'Building Pretend Markets Not for the Good of the People"
- your friendly neighborhood central banker

From the perspective of a criminal mind, the screen-capture of the Bank of England website below is disturbing on many levels. Firstly, central banks, of all things, should NOT be focused on "BUILDING ANY MARKETS" they should be focused on maintaining the sanctity of the currency and the banking/financial system. It is absolutely stunning that they would admit, in such heavy-handed language, to "BUILDING MARKETS". Secondly, IF one were a large institution or firm of any kind, the choice of words used by BOE implies an objective that just does not fit with an authentic of organic venture. In fact, it implies an effort to convince of something in slight of hand fashion. To sell a scheme - a perspective. Any self-respecting firm would most certainly use any other combination of words than those chosen by BOE: "Building modern markets for a modern world" or "Building Innovative, Advanced  and Safe Markets for the World" come to mind as more of the line of thinking that a normal, authentic non-criminal enterprise might use.

However, a cult leader and or a criminal mind would certainly go through the greatest amount of effort to describe something in grossly deceptive fashion, by using the obvious and simplistic approach of using the very opposite words really apply. And this in a vein attempt to distance from the real agenda or implications. Normally such a technique does not work well or long...hence the word "REAL" and the word "GOOD" must clearly be inverted in the BOE usage, The real operation being undertaken by the BOE is more likely of descibed with the use of  "FAKE" and "BAD" instead. The gaul of this public facing message in these times is truely representative of the thinking en-masse of the central planner mindset - arrogant beyond belief and decpetive beyond reason.

When viewing the mcm Smart Money Index and Gap Index above, consider the implications of the below in understanding what is really occurring.

Central Banks Bravado and Arrogance is so complete that they are not embarrassed to virtually admit the truth

Central Banks Bravado and Arrogance is so complete that they are not embarrassed to virtually admit the truth

S&P500 Expert Lounge Update – August 25, 2015

Our last formal update forebode the breaking of the long term bullish channel on the S&P 500 cash index around the 2020 level and looked ahead to what could be the next levels of support. 2000 did not provide any support & subsequently 1980 did not either.  For the S&P 500 futures market, the open on Sunday August 23rd was yet another gap down & immediate breach of 1960 ES, which was a major support shelf.  This action pointed to a possible extreme scenario which subsequently played out in the overnight session. It is important to remember that when hyper trends end in either direction, like the one which ended with the breach of the long term weekly SPX chart (attached), an equal or greater acceleration in the opposite direction is highly probable.

Monday August 24th cash open was one for the record books as the DOW opened down over 1,100 points & the S&P 500 futures index was 'lock limit' down prior to open.  As you'll see, the market found it's first level of long time support & then proceeded to put in a wild ride of intraday volatility which is shown in the additional SPX chart & contains near term potential inflection points if the market is to resume an immediate downtrend.  The first obvious level is the downtrend channel.

Please adjust trading approach to factor in the volatility expansion when taking position sizes or your trading will also experience 'risk expansion'.  Stay patient & disciplined.

As always, please continue to monitor the Market Structure Projections via our blog at  and stay nimble in this market environment.  Good Luck to your trading

These are key MA levels: 2077 (200sma) - 2095 (100sma) -  2086  (50sma) -  2052 (10sma)

These are key support and resistance levels: 1867 - 2040

Bulls Find First Level of Long Term Support

Bulls Find First Level of Long Term Support


Near Term Symmetry for Probable Inflections

Near Term Symmetry for Probable Inflections

Market Consciousnesses – Running Through a Flux Capacitor

Today's action is a cause for some special attention. If you read these pages you will no doubt be aware that we have presented a scenario for analysis purposes that has been accurate, timely and disciplined. Using this approach, we were in front of the sharp rally and the downturn into today. We expected that today would likely be a weak day generally - given the intraday MSP posted this AM and daily flow projection shown on the day-of-week tendency subgraph on the longer-term MSP charts - Thursday's being the strongest close-to-close momentum to the downside. Regardless,  downside potential into the afternoon was highly reasonable and additionally a reaction/retracement/bounce would have been entirely reasonable as well and this was not forthcoming. Today, however, did a few things which are quite concerning.

We do not change analysis to fit the market, Rather we stick with our discipline and accept the distribution of inaccurate projections and unfulfilled probabilities as valuable feedback and information. That is EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING at the present. Though the markets are currently on track with our analysis and we still expect a bounce in the near-term into early September, there were key deviations and issues with today's reflections of market consciousness via our tools that deserve some special discussion.

August 18th, 2015 eTick-Tools X-Tick Breakdown

August 18th, 2015 eTick-Tools X-Tick Breakdown

You may hear us refer to "X-TICK" triggers. X-TICK's are rankings of ultra high emotional exertions by market participants to sell/buy as a part of capitulatory extreme behavior. Capitulation in our terms is described in more detail under the eTick-Tools Core Concpets pages. In order to trigger an X-TICK the urge to sell and energy invested has to rank in the top 19% percentile (most of the time higher) of all selling efforts and events over the last 15 to 20 years. As you can imagine this is not an easy thing for the market to do. Today we opened with an X-TICK and got a decent bounce from it of something like 8 or 9 ES futures points. However, the thing with X-TICKS is that professional buyers (or sellers if the market is rising and generating a buy extreme -as the case may be) like to show up and take weak handed contracts when they are made available - X-TICKS are precisely these types of areas. WHEN these professionals then subsequently get run over the X-TICK is broken and it is demonstrating that the market sellers have real conviction. This was expected this morning and occurred. However, this afternoon we got two more X-Ticks that ranking in the top 9% of all selling emotion extremes in the last 15 to 20 years, and though each got a 5 point bounce or so - they were broken subsequently. Additionally, each X-TICK was at a lower and lower price which is a sign that professional buyers with conviction were not shifting the trend and ineffective. Breaking this many X-TICKS in one day is a serious event and a sign to remain alert. This is a sign of increasing risk to the markets capability to stage its reversal. This can not be overstated. Each X-Tick today, being lower than the previous one, indicates a significant capitulation going on among market participants as a whole. This is always something to keep an eye on.

First thing this morning we got a reasonable negative GAP TOOLS emotional analysis that suggested that the market had normal probability distribution for a gap fill. In this case, that means: "not that likely but plausible". However, it got a high rank (on the first bar of the cash session when it's analysis is scheduled to trigger) that a breakdown would occur below the opening range. This was a large negative as it is often that such an event can lead to a trend day down. In this case, trending down was expected into the 1;30 to 2:00 pm timing window in the afternoon.

There were quite a few reasons that the market was being afforded some room for a bounce this afternoon or in the near-term. Timing, longer-term market structure, convergence of support in the 2044 area (which was pointed out as a possible target for today), a neckline on a very large support shelf that also is a pretty symmetrical head and shoulders pattern and intraday behavioural analysis that would usually score towards some strength showing up this afternoon. As it turns out, the markets ran over these areas after setting up months and months of work above them without even reacting with a small bounce attempt - something reflected in the X-TICK breaches described above. The market had other plans for today. Primary degree support is at 2020.5 to 2010 on the SPX cash and probably is now a magnet before a bounce occurs.

One of the things that is very important to understand is that when the market does not follow market structure, as it began to do today, this is often a sign of a change in market consciousness. Market Structure, the way we measure it and define it, is an objective, transparent and unbiased analysis/evaluation of a market within its contextual probability skew. Therefore, when a difference occurs and especially one that is substantial, it is important to take notice. Today's deviation was just minor so far but could get much more if it wants - so, tomorrow and the next few days will help to make things much more clear. Currently this tracking deviation from probabilistic market structure scenarios, is of significant concern, An analogy of this effect if similar to hitting the brake pedal in your car and instead of the car slowing down it speeds up. It's an indication that something is wrong and it's a warning that aberration and risk is increasing.

Additionally, we closed below the neckline of the 6-month head and shoulders - breaking through it without even bounce at the 2043.5 SPX Cash area - this is very concerning.currently, the market most likely needs to go lower a bit, probably to the 2020 area and then attempt its bounce - which as mentioned earlier should be expected into early September. September offers an early month high or possibly a higher high around the 21st. Currently, as mentioned in today's AM post, favored is an early month high for the US markets with a lower high retest into the 21st. HOWEVER the capacity for this bounce attempt to be very small or worse to become a running pattern is of significant concern as this could easily lead to a panic. Given how much leverage and risk the Fed and other central banks have infused into the risk markets it is is notable importance how markets react to a bounce attempt into early September. If the bounce if very weak and thin, it would be a good idea to increase power to the flux capacitor and prepare for an emotional and high volatility future.

Intraday Projections: Fading Fast

Today promised should be an interesting day. Participation and internals yesterday were horrid. Most buying was done by small trade ticket buyers. Market structure was also sloppy. We tracked intraday MSP extremely well getting an early morning high, and 10:30 AM low a move of over 20 points ES - however, lows should have continued into 1:30 PM. Timing works its magic of course in that the highs of the cash session was 1:24 PM and led to an impulsive decline in the close.

Additionally, e-Tick Tools generated amazing emotional extremes. 93% of emotional extremes lead to 3.25 point ES moves - more than enough to make a nice living. Yesterday's triggers lead to much more than that. The preferred approach is to trade with some running contracts but to book profits incrementally into the average reaction which is around 5 to 7 points. All of our automated trading systems use this convention - using a process called trade reticulation. The biggest problem with most discretionary trading is being enamored with the big large point winners. This is not productive as it leads to consistent losses and large ones at that. The best way to trade is to BOOK PROFIT RELENTLESSLY as my systems do. Yesterday emotional inflection points were triggered, and executable to 16 to 18 points easily - how many trend traders can capture nearly 20 points in a day without taking a few 5 to 7 point losses or worse? BOOK PROFITS - regardless of timeframe - this is the biggest mistake of discretionary traders. 7 points is the diffusion target currently on ES and 7 points is a LOT OF MONEY.

Bias is negative for the AM session versus yesterday's AM session on the daily MSP chart posted earlier in the week - this condition has been fulfilled presently as of the publishing of this article. Overnight session promised chop, and it has delivered. If no early AM bounce appears the most bearish case for today becomes the highest probability [GOLD MSP on chart]. Strength materializes into the open that should be reverse around the open prints into swift weakness. In all cases, watch for 11:30 AM lows and a fairly useless day after that.

From today's lows, wherever they occur, modest positive bias on Daily MSP projections exists into Monday AM. However, next week probabilities turn decently negative after that into midweek.

August 14th, 2015 Intraday Market Structure Projections

August 14th, 2015 Intraday Market Structure Projections

Intraday Projections – Confusing of the Bears and Bulls

If you were involved in t he Lounge, it has been an active few days. Friday tracked very well to MSP but nonetheless considering the large amount of timing windows was a challenging day in terms of volatility. If you recall, suggestion was for a low somewhere in the vicinity of the 7th as posted weeks ago and referred to many times since. It was our impression that this timing would be right translated and swing into early to mid-week this week. Intraday, several things happened, an emotional X-Tick occurred that nailed the low and immediately caused us to shift focus in the afternoon towards a larger upwards retracement. This was taken to effect with a nearly 13 point rally. It was most interesting that confusion was an apt word for the day, as when the X-Tick occurred it happened on a bar that moved around 1-point...not the kind of thing that makes one think of a top 8% emotional selling effort and certainly something that was looking more bearish for bears and scary for bulls. Nonetheless, the bounce from there was direct and formidable. Expected at this point is a larger longer bounce/reaction before next down move gains traction. For today, probabilities favor AM highs and afternoon weakness that likely extends into Wednesday AM. It is important to understand that MSP timing windows for AM highs is wider than normal and, therefore, can be from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM - most likely somewhere in between.

August 10th, 2015 Intraday Market Structure Projections

August 10th, 2015 Intraday Market Structure Projections

Elliott Wave Structure

The proposed Elliott Wave Structure here at mcm is derived independently and objectively outside of the data and analytics of the Market Structure Projections (MSP). At this time, the count coincides and supports the data which is calling for a pronounced bearish week or so into around August 7th, 2015.  As a trader and market participant it is important to look a for confluence of professional data and technical work when evaluating risk.  Please be cognizant of the chart herein & as always, control your risk & good luck to your trading.

Please follow our public blog daily for Market Structure Projections and other proprietary content & for intraday charting, signals and other work please join the Expert Lounge, which is our real-time and interactive trading analysis conversation toolset.  If you are not currently a member, contact us if you would like to learn more via the contact us page or email me at


Proposed Elliott Wave Structure

Proposed Elliott Wave Structure

S&P500 Expert Lounge Update – July 15, 2015

Best to your trading & welcome to our new subscribers

These are key timing for today:   8:30 AM - 2:30 PM EST 

These are key MA levels:  2095 (100sma) - 2100 (50sma) - 2090 (5ema)

These are key Fibs: 2097 - 2107 - 2115

Good day

Here is today's pre market look at the S&P 500 for  July 15, 2015 and good luck to your trading:

 After closing in the first target area on Monday, SPX ran into the second tier of potential resistance yesterday & stalled at the .786 retrace of the recent swing high to swing low posting a high of day at 2111.98.  A similar Fibonacci retracement from all time high to swing low lies just overhead at the 2115 level. If the market manages to clear the highlighted price levels, the probability of a move back to all time highs certainly increases.  Market Structure Projections also have the potential for a key pivot today, so it is optimal to manage long exposure accordingly for the imminent future.

Once again, manage risk, Good Luck and do not forget to keep close notes on the key timing via the MSP as they evolve .

2015-07-15_07-55-27 bear pivot or ath

SPX Key Inflection Point


Overview of Today’s e-Tick Tools Intense Emotional Extremes

Below is a chart that references the X-Ticks that were discussed in the previous posts. X-Ticks are VERY important events in that they allow a precise measurement and profiling of the energy and emotions being expended in the markets. Today, was a first. Never having traded through a day that generated the single biggest expenditure of BUY energy in all our sample set of the last 15 to 20 years...we got it. The highest amount of BUY energy ever expended in the markets happened today at 2:45 PM. The key with buy energy is that prices MUST stay above that kind of energy expenditure otherwise its aberrant and likely exhaustion/capitulatory. Currently, after hours we just broke the 100% X-Tick at 2068 and immediately dropped 10 ES points. This presents a potentially very serious issue for the markets (Sorry, I mean central bankers) to overcome.

e-Tick-Tools Review - BIG EMOTION today

e-Tick-Tools Review - BIG EMOTION today

X-Ticks and Central Banks – What is Probability Thinking?

They do not make markets like they used to. Price discovery is more like Price delivery. Market sentiment feels more like market cement. People are so used to centrally planned corruption of the markets that the current repercussions are not easy to be believed because there are 257 central bankers pontificating about how they stand ready to provide liquidity that NO ONE WANTS.

In the chart below is a reprise of the current Daily and Weekly MSP. There is no way to assume what may be coming over the weekend or how high that push could be if it were to happen...but Thursday AM into Friday AM is a currently holding probabilities that are pretty weak. Of course, that does not mean they have to happen. But as can be seen from the chart below, the white line is the projection for daily price direction from each AM to AM session. The market has been respecting the general directional probabilities. [1] and [2] are plots into the future from now until Friday AM. There can be lots of volatility, but the base case has not changed, and impulse is down.

It appears the real trouble starts next this week the preamble?

In my experience, MOST analysts miss tops and bottoms because they are looking for too many ideal scenarios and setups. The nice thing about probabilities and data are they are what they are and will simply be wrong or right. But they are not likely to get stuck in the human need for confirmation bias or over thinking.

For reference to the X-Tick activity today that was simply stunning see this post: Overview of Today’s e-Tick Tools Intense Emotional Extremes

For reference, the vertical lines on the chart below represent 9:30 am on a daily basis.

July 7th, 2015 Daily & Weekly Market Structure Projections Update

July 7th, 2015 Daily & Weekly Market Structure Projections Update