Market Structure charts for S&P500

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Current Daily Market Structure Projection

Daily Market Structure Projection

Daily Market Strcuture Projection History

Reference Daily Market Structure Projection History as of April 1st, 2015

for May 19th, 2015

Intraday Market Structure Projection for May 19th, 2015

e-Tick Tools

e-Tick Tools – Get inside the market

e-Tick Tools is a proprietary approach and technology that enables an unprecedented and deep analysis of exhaustive and emotional behavior in key markets. e-Tick Tools is fundamentally different from most any other analysis, in that it is not designed to analyze a series of prices, but rather analyze market facts, behavior and events. The toolset then represents its detailed analysis in the form of key prices and confirmation feedback at key event-driven areas of significance. The results are unparalleled and enlightening: The methodology generates relatively few signals/data points but highly relevant and revealing real-time feedback. Even on very short term time-frames, the result is deep and unprecedented market clarity.

Get Inside e-Tick Tools

Get Into It on your PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android

The core area of focus of e-Tick Tools technology is: streaming real-time analysis, measurement, ranking and representation of market participant emotions, behavior and market impact. e-Tick Tools provides a unique edge with which to view and interpret the markets, understanding that certain traders/firms may require instant accessibility.

Please keep in mind that e-Tick Tools and its supporting applications are formidable tools in that they require significant computer resources in order to function properly in real-time. In addition, they require databases to be maintained and updated on an ongoing basis in order to function correctly. These are complex professional tools and have significant and specific requirements and needs to run.

One of the reasons that we implemented a web distribution mechanism for this data is because of the complexity of maintaining the supporting databases, data feeds and quality, upgrades, and hardware requirements.

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