S&P500 Expert Lounge Update – April 27, 2016

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These are key timing for today: 7:30AM and 1:30PM

These are key MA levels as of previous day close:  5EMA 2094, 10SMA 2088

These are key primary and intermediate levels:  2071, 2085, 2099(minor), 2116

Here is today's pre market look at the S&P 500 for  Wednesday, April 27, 2016,

Happy FOMC day everyone!  While today is only scheduled to be a rate announcement with little in the way of press conferences, any quotes made by any Fed member throughout the day could set the tone for what is read into by the actual announcement.  Markets have been choppy as a result of the anticipation and will likely continue to be so till the release at 2:ooPMEST this afternoon.  As expected, there is key timing near the 2PM witching hour so be mindful of a high or low at that time and which daily MSP is correlated best at the time for hints of how the remaining two hours of trading may unfold.  Best of luck out there today and be mindful of your stop placement this afternoon as volatility is virtually assured to pick up dramatically.


Today's Intraday MSP


SPX (Cash) Levles chart

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