Projections for Bounce Sometime Next Week in DAX

The DAX market has tracked MSP well and is looking for an interim balance into Christmas starting sometime next week. As has been posted throughout these pages by breaking below extremely strong capitulatory emotional selling extremes (X-Ticks) via eTickTools on a pervasive basis the markets triggered behavior unlike any that we have seen since before the August crash - putting it at potentially grave risk. IF NO BOUNCE OCCURS NEXT WEEK THEN THE IMPLICATIONS ARE DIRE. This has serious implications for the US markets as well as the DAX tends to lead the US equity markets and S&P500. It is, therefore, with the most concern and hope that we look for the markets to reward the low liquidity seasonality into Christmas with a win. However, the negatives are also pervasive in that NO analyst we see is really looking at anything other than upward triangles, falling wedges and wave 4's. We do not believe the equity market as a whole will be seeing new highs anytime soon - contrary to the very bullish general expectations it seems in the analyst space.

DAX Market Structrue Projection

DAX Market Structure Projection

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