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Identifying Cycle Impulses Down

Last week we posted this post: Crash Potential and Techniques to Trade One . Since then, in "the Lounge", these techniques have been effective, objective and powerful. The amount of interest, the need and state of the markets leads us feel that further examination for the benefit of our members and readers of such a quantifiable approach. We are putting the Webinar scheduling and attendance to a vote.

The webinar will be free and will be an interactive Q&A format when it is scheduled. We are seeking to get a near-term slot assigned that is convenient to as many people as possible. We feel that there is a benefit on getting this scheduled as soon as possible as the markets, though slated to remain in an upward bias into September, are not in a healthy state and can break at any time. Our goal is to assist in helping users to find techniques to identify, take advantage, manage and prosper from unexpected shocks or dislocations and emotionally charged market environments.

Below is a vote. Please choose the times that work best for you and supply your email address and we will update you on the final scheduling of the webinar. Note all the times are quoted in Eastern Standard Time (New York) Also, note you can become  a registered user for our site and vote which will make it easier to sign up for the event once iit is scheduled. . Registering is free. Simply click on "Register" on the login page.

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