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Audio and spoken alerts are an incredibly useful feature of the Ticktools Livestream. You really want to have access to them.(FYI anytime an audio alert is generated, it is also printed on the screen as well as available for notifications via a comprehensive notifications framework you can setup in you “My Account” page.)

To enable Audio/Spoken alerts for the Ticktools Livestream

1. Connect to the livestream using your access link

2. Once loaded locate the “Join Audio” button and click it

3. You may be prompted by your device to enable audio for the “zoom” application. If so enable it by following the instructions presented on screen

Sometimes its necessary to have a quiet session or to terminate audio for other reasons...you can simply turn volume down on your device, but that limits audio globally which is probably not desirable...the better choice is to “Disconnect From Session Audio”.

To disconnect audio

1. Locate and Click on the “More” menu

2. A popup/drop down will appear

3. Click “Disconnect Audio”