Gold Market Structure Projections Suggest Problems Ahead for Risk Assets

We posted a few weeks ago, market structure projection gold has reached its inflection point at [1] in the chart below. While a smart 3 to 4-week bounce which could be significant would be reasonable, important point to note, is that goals has reacted at its expected timing and if we get a strong rally. The goal chart below suggests that the reaction to the Fed policy adjustment or activity may not be nearly as rosy as the stock market would like it to be. This chart says danger ahead. Last goals. Investors think that they are out of the woodshed, it also appears that after this rally a new low in January for gold is a high probability. The most bullish scenario for gold would be if a low in January was a divergent low meaning that it has a higher low than the current low. This is not currently the preferred view, but it is a distinct possibility and if it were to occur with the market structure low implied for January it could suggest a very large gold rally.

Gold Market Structure Projectons

Gold Market Structure Projections

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