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Bob H asked 4 years ago

Read the update this morning and saw that yesterdays daily market projection it didn't work out. is there a reason for it? could I get more detail why and what the implications are?

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mcm-petermcm-peter Staff answered 4 years ago

Market structure represents exactly what it sounds like it - a structural component to market activity and capital flows.
When the market becomes particularly noisy as it has been lately that can be a sign that market structure is breaking down. This implies that larger market participants are changing their actions, and possibly minds/policies.
Often seeing people's actions change and a break from their patterned behavior occurs before a large move. So, the message from the market structure when it has been very accurate and then struggles, is that the consciousness of the market may be going through a modification. A resolution can usually have two types of outcomes: an acceleration of a current move or a reversal.

It's important to note these tools represent a PROBABLISTIC ANALYSIS, not a crystal balls. However, when one knows a bit about the probabilities and the markets do not behave in line with those expectations that is highly useful information.
However, sloppy market action and unstructured behavior is very useful information.