QuestionsCategory: Pre-salesWhen will the email service start?
mcm-peterAnonymous Staff asked 4 years ago

When will the email service start?

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support team Staff answered 4 years ago

Thank you for your question...this is a big subject and an ongoing project for us that will likely be in development for quite sometime.
Its hard to answer that generically, we have several types of email communications and you are not specific as to which one. However, here is an overview:

  1. Real-Time Notifications service for e-Tick-Tools
  2. Daily Updates
  3. Special Alerts from the Expert Lounge Analysts
  4. Gap Tools Probability Analysis
  5. Price Level and Market Structure Time Symmetry Notifications

Below is an answer for each area of focus listed above:

  1. Our highest priority is the Real-Time notifications for e-Tick-Tools Triggers. This will be a powerful system that we are aiming to achieve as low latency as possible. Therefore, this is a high demand system as we are seeing. Therefore, we are still evaluating technologies but would say that we are currently 75% the way through with the infrastructure to get this done. The remaining development work is more a matter of deciding on delivery mechanism than programming. So, we are looking forward to getting this completed very soon. 
  2. Daily Update notification are already available by choosing to subscribe to the daily Expert Lounge update at the bottom of the update page itself
  3. Special messages from the live expert lounge analysis are a high priority and are already possible. You will be able to turn on update for in the community lounge area. This interface is not yet complete but you can request updates for special messages from the mcm-analyst and he can get you subscribed for the email updates.
  4.  Gap Tools is a discretionary tool-set that is available for the analyst to use and share as needed but it is not offered as a subscription or commercial product yet and, therefore, does not have notifications. If the product is released, we would consider notifications a high priority.
  5. Price Level and Time Symmetry Notifications are already available. However, we wanted to ensure the highest quality product roll out so we focused on the education environment in the Expert Lounge as a first focus and can share and educate on any tool used by the analyst. We will roll out price level and time analysis soon and update this Q/A and the site/store when we do.