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Anonymous asked 4 years ago

Is a timing window related to "Market Structure"? Or is it related to waves? What is the significance of a timing window?

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support team Staff answered 4 years ago

A timing window is the results of two either of two separate mcm analysis tools. We have implemented a comprehensive modelling tool that looks at every single wave down to 5 and  minute waves on the Cash indexes. This tool measures, quantifies, counts, evaluates these waves on various factors. it then triangulates the results and where there is a lot of convergence on many sized waves in terms of time, symmetry retracements or extensions a price and/or time window can be triggered. This tool is a part of the Price Tools suite.
Primarily when a time window is referred to in our pages it is referring to our market structure analysis algorithms and their projection onto the future of their assumptions of probabilistic market metrics. These apply to time and to price. So, a Time Window represents an area in time in which a reaction of some kind for the market that is being analysed - is statistically likely to have some sort of reaction. 
A reaction does not mean that the instrument has to be at an inflection point. A time window is a structurally identified area at which markets may be at increased potential of making some sort of decision, acceleration or reversal. Sometimes at a time window a high or a low is reached and consolidation follows. This is appropriate behavior in that the market has made some sort of decision. 
Sometimes in a time window a market will reverse and, therefore, form an inflection point. Most often we can have in advance a pretty good idea that this potential may be occurring and have time to prepare if the time window is being honored.
Sometimes, this is more rare however, a timing window that looks like its most probable of forming an inflection point or consolidation point breaks in the direction of the larger trend...this is a sign of a powerful market in that normal market structure, while still being there and activated, get run over. It requires strong emotional commitment from market participants to make this sort of thing happen. 
In any of the above situations, however, a timing window is quite useful because it refers to an area in time where its more likely that a significant market behavioral reaction or decision can be made.
When combined with price projections, timing becomes that much more interesting because there is precedent for what may occur with both price when a timing area is reached.