QuestionsCategory: Market StructureWhat is a "Projection"?
Anonymous asked 4 years ago

There are lots of blog posts in which the word "Projection" is used. What does this mean? Is this a forecast or prediction?

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support team Staff answered 4 years ago

A projection is unique to our market structure tool set. It is a representation of statistically quantifiable data the indicates a pricing and timing potential. It is important to understand these are NOT guesses. They are NOT neural network random number generators. These are highly data based analyses. The goal is NOT to make a prediction or even a forecast. 

THE GOAL IS TO REPRESENT STATISTICALLY MEASURABLE market structures so as to better understand the environment at some point in the future. This is NOT a prediction. Its more of a behavioral, capital flow, geometrical and market participant statistical analysis that simply reports in unique fashion on the potential profiles for a market at any particular time in the past or the future. 
Due to this nature, market structure projections DO NOT CHANGE unless calculation configurations change. They remain very very stable and also can indicate market probabilities months and even years into the future with astounding results.
Markets are not efficient at all. This is why this type of analysis is possible and useful. Additionally, people are highly predictable and are mostly unpredictable in the capacity to make decisions without facts or data and therefore primarily with eMotion. eMotions are highly qualify-able and quantifiable if looked at from the proper perspective. Then there are many other finger prints that large organizations like the central banks and largest investment firms leave behind. When all this data is analysed for probabilistic outcome...its surprising what can appear and how highly structured the seemingly random can be.