QuestionsCategory: Market StructureWhat does market structure mean?
Anonymous asked 4 years ago

Often in the live rooms or on the blog, I hear references to "Market Structure"? What is "Market Structure"?

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support team Staff answered 4 years ago

Market Structure can be something as simply as a relationship between one market an another at a specific time or pattern or it can be something as complex as something that specifically incorporates price, time and markers to identify something as complex as a timing, behavioral and practical (logistical) elements that can help to define a structural building block. It is important to understand that market structure can be something as simple as knowing that based on behavior of an 8:30 am element in the market - a relationship exists to 9:30 cash flows and prices. This is a very complex subject and something that we will most likely go into more detail on in the near future on the blog and possibly some feature articles. Stay turned. 
We will also add detail to this Q&A as we can. Thanks for the question - this is a big subject and we put together a very short answer because it will more than likely take a feature article to address with some cohesiveness.