QuestionsCategory: PaymentsPayPal page is coming up in the wrong language
Anonymous asked 4 years ago

The PayPal page is coming up in the wrong langauge, what should I do? 

2 Answers
mcm-petermcm-peter Staff answered 4 years ago

PayPal is supposed to reference your IP address for YOUR location and automatically determine which language to use. However, for some reason they do not seem to do a good job and have not been helpful to us (mcm) in making the language settings come up as desired. 
Technically, this is very easy however, though it is annoying. Firstly we have a full video explaining the whole sign up process and how to use your membership. This covers what to do if the PayPal language comes up incorrectly. 
The video is 2 minutes and available here: if you wish to view it.
The steps to correcting the problem are simple:

  • Select your home country from the "Country" selection list. After selecting the desired country, the page will redraw in that language.
  • Login to PayPal using your PayPal credentials. Once you login your personal language settings will take effect.


mcm-petermcm-peter Staff answered 4 years ago

As a result of this issue, we eliminated the automatic language preferences that PayPal uses and refer all transactions to PayPal as US/English directly. Therefore, if your local language is different, you can change it to any other language by choosing your country or logging in to your PayPal account.