QuestionsCategory: e-Tick-ToolsIs there a "Globex" session (24 hours trading) versions of e-Tick-Tools available?
Anonymous asked 4 years ago

I like to trade overnight and in addition currencies and commodities. Are the other markets and also Globex or 24 hours options available for e-Tick-Tools? 

2 Answers
support team Staff answered 4 years ago

We are in the process of finalizing development of a Virtual e-Tick-Tools infrastructure. Initial tests were highly favorable but we felt needed more work. One of the things that is so unique about e-Tick-Tools data analysis is that the tools looks at the underlying trade data of the stocks that make up the indexes. It does this in real-time to discover emotional extremes and capitulatory behavior. 
Generating similar quality results from a single futures contract which trade in much larger notional increments is quite the task. For example, 1 ES futures contract executes a little over $100,000 notional. Wheras 1 share of the S&P500 is worth $2,100 and one share of SPY is worth $210. There is a lot more emotional information that can be more easily extracted from many trades of a 500 shares of a $210 instrument than a single futures contract.
We have solved most of the issues we were dissatisfied with and are excited about the project for many reasons. One of them is that it opens up markets like Commodities and currency Futures and additionally support a Globex full session analysis. We will keep you posted.

Landen Keaton answered 2021 years ago

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