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mcm-petermcm-peter Staff asked 4 years ago

I was thinking that I could join the expert lounge but wanted to get a little more information on how it works?

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mcm-petermcm-peter Staff answered 4 years ago

The lounge works with a live chart and assisted analysis provided by a mcm analyist

support team Staff answered 4 years ago

We are making a video tutorial regarding how to get the most out of the Expert Lounge. We will post details on the main site and in this Q/A forum as well when its compeleted. In the mean time, here is some more detail:
The Expert Lounge consists of several things:

  • Live e-Tick-Tools Analytics Charts
  • A community forum for exchange of data and real time questions/answers
  • Live analysis of any of the relevant markets in the context of key emotional data provided from e-Tick-Tools
  • Standard Techical Analysis and ElliottWave Analysis bought together with emotional analysis from e-Tick-Tools
  • Constructive daily and real-time feedback regarding markets,  analysis, techniques and intrerpertation.
  • Private conversations with expert analysts in Tick Tools
  • Interim Abalysis post - for most every day summarizing key emotional events, structucal events or implications as needed 
  • Analyst Discretionary presented mcm proprietary analytics and data that helps to structure trading and further define risk/opportunity.

    These tools and analytics are an optional and non-obligtory part of the Expert Lounge environmetn. This means that they ARE NOT part of the subsription. However, at the discretion of the analysis may be presented for education or added perspective. Such as:

  • Time Windows from mcm intraday market structure projection tools
  • Directionality probabilities on intraday, daily and weekly time frames 
  • Gap Tools and Gap Emotion Analysis
  • Accumulation Index Components

We feel that the components brought together in this environment are turely unique interactive and powerful.