QuestionsCategory: Pre-salesDo you offer workstation installs versions of your applications?
Anonymous asked 4 years ago

I love these tools but need more control and, therefore, would like to run them on my workstation. Do you offer anyother tools or methods of running these locally?

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support team Staff answered 4 years ago

We doo offer some of our flagship tools for limited license for prefessional, non-distirbutional use. This means that you are allowed to use them for your trading business or analysis activities but not to share or sell the signals. These tools are highly sophisticated and very complex. For example...doing a e-Tick-Tools analysis on 30 days of data requires around 4 gigs of RAM alone for just one S&P500 futures chart. Projection Tools require even more. All of these tools require complex non-standard data which is usually expensive and additionally requires databases from us. This is an expensive and time intensive investment. We know its worth it depending on your use but it requires the highest end workstations a support contract with us and internal technology support resources to run effectively.
We do have quite a lot of other programs and tools - well over 100 that operate on a more simply implementation and some of them highly non-correlated ways. For Example out market cycles tool it revoluationary and only requires a normal machine with normal data to operate. You will often see this tool on some of our charts. Or our projected pivot points as well...
We have a large library of tools available. Most of them are not listed. One would think this is a bit strange but we wanted to be veru focused o non-correlated tools. We have lots of tools that are available for Multicharts and some for Tradestation. Some of these will be expounded upon in the future or in response to questions. If you see something that you would like to get more information about in a chart, post or presentation - let us know and we can discuss with you. 
We have some great tools for example a dynamic trailing stop that you can recalculate on the fly after you take a position that is unlike anything you have seen in terms of thinks like psar or other trailing stops because it is always based on where you entered the trade, limits you set and also real actionable prices in ways that most other tools simply do not know about. We also have an RSI tool that plots not only an O-H-L-C for every bar but also plots bands on the price chart so you know exactly where the mid band for RSI is and where the oversold or overbought price will be. This is powerful stuff. But its not our main focus.
Everyone uses RSI. We want to focus on uncorrelated analysis. We want to focus on statistics - time and price. So, even though we love the work that we have done on many of these tools, we need your feedback to bring them out. 
However, we want to stress we have not sought to develop for every platform. We specifically work with Multicharts because its a true 64 bit platform that support large datasets - we are not currently seeing to expand to lots of platforms. However, we are looking very closely at AMIBroker, which though its not the sleekest platform is one of the fastest..and can handle even larger datasets than Multicharts easily and faster than anything we have tested so far.