QuestionsCategory: Pre-salesDo l get anything as a Free Member?
mcm-peterAnonymous Staff asked 4 years ago
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mcm-petermcm-peter Staff answered 4 years ago

Our work, we think, and it seems others too, is rather unique. Currently,  during our launch of the sit, we are offering some "Free Trials". So, as a free member without payment you can currently (as of May 2015) get a Free Trial. Free Members get to access some of our forums, learning materials and make comments, reply to comments and get more detailed interaction with our 1 to 1 documentation and Q&A tools.

We are really pretty down to earth people, and to be clear, have gained more from sharing than we have from hoarding. So, we are constantly looking for offerings to share and to help our friends and colleagues develop and learn. We will be focusing on this area more in the future. And the not too distant future.
We feel that the carnage the Central Banks have impacted on normal people is highly stressful and have expended significant capital, energy and intellectual effort to develop solutions that can help people to operate in a more emotionally detached manner and actually capitalize on the highly aberrant markets that this high level of manipulation and intervention has wracked on the markets and especially on traders.
We currently do offer a free registration, which can be accomplished by going to the login page and choosing register from that screen. This gets you rolling and gives you a valid login to our site, some of our forums and learning resources. We are aiming to give this area of our community a serious look over the next few months.