QuestionsCategory: Expert LoungeDo I need to subscribe to the S&P500 Tick Tools service in addition to the Expert Lounge?
mcm-peterAnonymous Staff asked 4 years ago

I see that the "expert lounge" is a specialist directed environment with live comments and analysis of e-Tick-Tools. Do I need to subscribe to e-Tick-Tools for the S&P500 as well?

1 Answers
support team Staff answered 4 years ago

You do not need to subscribe to the S&P500 e-Tick-Tools product in addition to the Expert Lounge. This tool is included as a core element of the Expert Lounge learning, activating and leveraging approach. The goal of Expert Lounge is to connect learning and traditional technical analysis to real-time eMotional analysis...that e-Tick-Tools produces. Therefore, there is no need to subscribe to S&P500 Tick Tools. 
However, if you wish to access e-Tick-Tools for another market other than S&P500 you would need to subscribe to that.