QuestionsCategory: Expert LoungeCan you tell me what is the purpose of the "Expert Lounge"?
Anonymous asked 4 years ago

A lounge and the market do not seem like a relationship I easily understand. What is the Expert Lounge for and why is it called a "Lounge"?

1 Answers
support team Staff answered 4 years ago

The purpose of the Expert Lounge is multi dimensional:

  • Provide and foster learning about our tools and market emotions
  • Develop an environment for exchange of ideas and easy sharing of information
  • Implement and approach in which useful information can not only be available but useful and actionable in as streamlined an approach as possible.
  • Identify convergence setups where traditional technical analysis reinforces high probability e-Tick-Tolls emotional triggers.

Expert Lounge is more than a trading room or just a community...its a place for you to learn, refine an develop and also for us to get feedback and to learn about what we can do better too.