QuestionsCategory: e-Tick-ToolsCan I log-in ti the "Expert Lounge" or "Tick-Tools" via my tablet or phone?
Anonymous asked 4 years ago

I am often on the run and would love to be able to access these kinds of tools while I am on the run. Is it possible to access via portable access tools like and iPad or iPhone?

1 Answers
support team Staff answered 4 years ago

We specifically make a lot of effort to allow you to be able to access our tools where ever and when ever you need. We have engineered our site with what are called "Responsive" containers. This means that the site will automatically reconfigure itself to display on your device. So, something that displays in columns on a workstation will display vertically on a phone for example. This makes it easier to read on many types of devices.
Most of our tools require specialized databases, infrastructure to calculate - we aim to make this type of technology issue an irrelevant issue for you and we aim to make it portable for you whether you are at the office, home, a friends, travelling or on the go.