QuestionsCategory: Emotion IndexesAre there charts available of the "eMotion Index"?
Anonymous asked 4 years ago

This is very intriguing Index I would like to learn more about and also see graphically during the live session, Is there a place I can find these charts and data?

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support team Staff answered 4 years ago

the eMotion index is very time consuming to calculate and for this reason we have not focused on a real time chart of it perse. It is entirely possible, however, we have been focused elsewhere. One of the unique things about eMotion Index is that is can show very strong emotional activity not only when the market is going down or crashing but also when it is going up strongly. It is a bit confusing to us why most people focus on polar emotional analysis when its much more efficient to focus on multi-dimensional emotional analysis which works both during upwards and downwards activity.

We do post, in the Expert Lounge and in some reference material long-term charts of the eMotion and Accumulation indexes. 

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