QuestionsCategory: e-Tick-ToolsAre Other Markets Available for e-Tick-Tools analysis other than the S&P500 and DOW?
Anonymous asked 4 years ago
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support team Staff answered 4 years ago

We can cover quite a few other markets. However, configuring the data-quality, the databases and the market resolution takes time. The S&P500 and the DOW are very good representative indexes for many instruments, which is why we have chosen to focus on them. We do look forward to adding markets such as the Nasdaq, Russell 2000. We especially look forward to adding the FTSE and DAX. However, we need to ensure that the breadth of data that we require to calculate reliable trade level analysis is available and reliable. This will likely be lengthy process to get the European markets online.
We are rolling out a technology called Virtual e-Tick-Tools, that is designed to be able to extract similar emotional analysis from the limited data of the trade tickets executed in the futures markets. This will have a lot of benefits when it is complete in that it will be able to function on Globex Sessions without requiring the need for analysis of underlying stocks or symbols share level transactions. We will certainly announce as progress on this project is made and a roll out date is set.