QuestionsCategory: NotificationsAre notifications for specific options, posts or triggers available?
mcm-peterAnonymous Staff asked 4 years ago

Since I travel a lot, I would like to get notified of certain events when they occur - especially key posts in the lounge, on the blog or there a way to do this?

1 Answers
support team Staff answered 4 years ago

Currently, site-wide, you can subscribe to updates from a particular author, post or comment stream. These options are context sensitive and available for example by clicking on the author detail for each article. Or on a particular post or comment stream as enabled for the content. 
If you do not see an option to receive and email for certain content, feel free to contact us, there is usually not too much of an issue making such an accommodation. 
You can reach support via the support chat available at the bottom of every page or by using the contact form. 
Alternatively, you can post a private question or request via this Q&A support tool. Just be sure to mark your question as private so that is stays internal to our staff members.