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Get Into The Pocket with mcm

mcm has spared no effort, research or diligence to bring a complete framework of revolutionary tools to fruition that enable you to see the markets in a totally new way. With a mcm membership you get access to our eTick-Tools Signals, Accumulation Index products via streamed analyses for the S&P500 along with an expert analyst directed community.

This is a limited offer for the public. Our products are products are primarily geared for institutions and professionals, however, we want to extend for a limited offer to individuals to as a part of our program. We do hope to see you in the lounge soon.

You are invited to see the prescient and insightful capabilities but in our membership site - via the "Expert Lounge" and also on our blog - where there is a lot of documentation, articles and live and before-real-time analysis available.

  • Objective

    e-Tick Tools is the most useful true real-time emotion analysis toolset that we know of. There are emotion indexes such as VIX or Put/Call. But these bear no resemblance to what e-Tick-Tools does. eTick-Tools dynamically identifies points of objective exhaustion and emotional probability by referencing its database of 15 to 20 years of data and analysing the qualities of each trade tick in the major index's underlying securities for emotional exhaustion and capitulatory behavior.

  • Expert

    Nothing like having great tools AND expert help in learning and understanding them. Our Expert Lounge combines the accuracy, speed and prescience of e-Tick -Tools with other supporting inputs and live directed format and interactive community with our experienced analysts.

  • Non-Correllated

    Our approach is not price correlated or indicator based. Because of this we do not fall into the same configurations as other methodologies many other approaches do. Once you can view markets purely on probability, timing and emotion - we think you will never see the markets the same way. Statistical and objective analysis is reducing the amount of wasted energy, chasing, unnecessary errors, and effort by focusing on high probability areas.

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