S&P500 Expert Lounge Update – February 5, 2018

Good morning everyone,

These are key MA levels:  5EMA 2838, 10DMA 2835,  20DMA 2799, 50DMA 2611, 100DMA 2629, 200DMA 2530

These are key Fib Levels:  2845, 2851

These are key primary and intermediate levels: 2871(intermediate minor) 2811 (intermediate minor)

Here is today's market look at the S&P 500 for Monday, February 5, 2018

We hope everyone had a great weekend!  Price continues to decline unabated as was though to be the case once the 20DMA let go.  The most probable target now is the 50DMA and rising support in the lower 2700 region that should provide some relief for buyers to gather enough momentum to make at least a bounce attempt from if not more.  Anyone looking for the long side would be well advised to be nimble and choose your entries with strictly defined demarcation points.  Good luck today!

Primary and Intermediate Levels Detail

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