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Gold Market Structure Projections Suggest Problems Ahead for Risk Assets

We posted a few weeks ago, market structure projection gold has reached its inflection point at [1] in the chart below. While a smart 3 to 4-week bounce which could be significant would be reasonable, important point to note, is that goals has reacted at its expected timing and if we get a strong rally. […]

S&P500 Market Structure Projections

Since, people are sufficiently frustrated and confused to be heckling and both negative implication and positive implication posts and articles. I figured it was time to update the market structure projection as we are getting a balance within a downtrend. The bounce is larger than I would have preferred but most likely is a bounce […]

Particularly Grave Setup in NYSE – Fly In the Ointment or Ointment on the Fly?

Earlier today, we mentioned the grave set up occurring on the NYSE. Almost all analysts seem to be missing this, especially most wave analysts. The reality is that we have a succession of three clusters of MCM Hindenburg omen's, all of which marked major turns within the recent market structure. This is nearly the identical […]

Now That Everyone Need Never Worry About Equity Market Risk – Is the Worry Over?

"Nothing shall interfer with risk markets" is now the popular determination...after the largest terrorist attack in years combined with horrendous economic data produced a large bounce - why worry?  We tend to believe that this compunction is in for some more testing and that intervention will only go so far. VIX was in a position […]

Stair Step Down Likely Begun for DAX into March 2016

Not only has risk shifted for the US equity markets, but European equity markets like the DAX and the EUROSTOXX50 have also begun stairstep down patterns. This implies rallies will be to lower highs drops will be to lower lows within an overall larger downtrend. From the appearance of things the situation should remain intact until […]

An Overview of the Markets and Projections

While many are likely to have been turning their bearishness into bullishness over the last week or so, having confused bearishness and the potential for new lows in September where bullishness was warranted into November with of upward probability. Currently, we are sitting in a key timing window for the S&P500 as we have discussed […]

While Everyone Is Looking up – It Appears to Be Time to Look down for Quite Some Time to Come

At this time, despite just about every analyst, save a few, that we are aware of looking for new highs, we wish to point out that the risks appear to be to the downside well into next year. Just as the rally from August fooled the likes of high-profile analysts such as Tom DeMark, who […]