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Potential Running Correction Could Setup Framework for Accelleration

In an ominous potential for the Christmas Season, a potential downward acceleration pattern is setting up. The same pattern preceded the August decline and also a positive running correction triggered in October. When even the whiff of a running correction appears, it is something to pay attention to because the next move is not likely […]

Breadth Continues to Breakdown and Ratio in Acceleration Pattern

In a further deterioration of an already unhealthy situation, S&P500 Equal-Weight is continuing to weaken against the S&P500 Capitalization Weighted Index. This situation tends to have longer-term and short-term impacts. The shorter-term impacts are likely because we are in what is called a "running-correction" on the red ratio line. This suggests an extension and intensification […]

Mario Draghi Panic – Gift to Shorts and Bulls – Downside Not Complete

Last week, in a desperate and disgraceful showing by Mario Draghi, the European Central Bank under delivered and then over delivered in the space of 24 hours. Draghi admitted as much in his subsequent interview. Essentially admitting that his announcement of unlimited stimulus was in response to market weakness. The market appears to want to […]

DAX Initial Down Move into January Begins

As with US equities. Mid-December is key for the DAX market as well. Downward pressures amid the seemingly omnipresent bullishness surrounding the Santa Claus rally have not only appeared for equities and bonds as we have projected on these pages, but also for the DAX. The DAX is likely entering a much stronger downplays than […]

Treasury Projections – Tracked Almost Perfectly – Appears Things Are About to Get Ugly

Recently posted microstructure projections treasuries, which were right translated two and a half days. The direction and timing of tracked in stellar fashion and we are still looking at a decline in treasuries into mid-December. Key turn dates to watch come in around the 15th. One of the most interesting things that appears to be […]

Update on Bonds Turn Window

In response to a question about updated MSP on bonds, below is an MSP chart which represents the bond behavior is on target, and tracking. Probabilities would favor a turn near-term and it is important to watch the white daily line for daily direction opinion. With this line a series of days of weakness may […]

Updated Projections and Detail Regarding MSP

In this article, we publish updates to the various MSP charts presented on these pages recently. As mentioned previously, there was a bug fix which corrected the significant misplacement of certain MSP points under certain conditions. The comparison and analysis demonstrating this problem is shown below at the bottom of this article. The result of […]

Inflection Points Expected This Week – As Market Operates In Its BEAR MARKET CYCLES

This weekend we will present a host of unique charts and a detailed discussion of market structure projection, which had a software issue related to the end of November timing for a low - which actually due to a rare condition forward translated erroneously skipping the correct mapping for the week so the 16th. We […]