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mcm “MSP, Market Cycles, eTickTools & Trade Modality/Allocation” Webinar Scheduled & Attendance Information

We have scheduled part 1 of the "mcm MSP, Market Cycles, eTickTools & Trade Modality/Allocation Webinar". This will be a 45 minute to 60 minute general Q & A and overview. We are especially looking forward to learning from your questions that we can address in detailed fashion in a follow-up webinar for Sunday @ 5 […]

mcm “MSP, Market Cycles, eTickTools & Trade Modality/Allocation” Webinar Scheduling/Poll & Invitation

We have wanted to do a follow-up webinar to our previous discussion for quite some time but scheduling always seems to be an issue so we are once more putting the Webinar scheduling and attendance to a vote. The amount of interest and the state of the markets leads us feel that further discussion and Q&A […]

Critically Important Support at S&P500 1842 – Below Is A Thinzone

We apologize for limited amount of recent articles published on the site. We have been very active in managing, analyzing and examining detailed market activity in the lounge and also sharing via other forums directly with people we care about. At this juncture, the post from last week which showed the 1840 area as key […]

Major Support Dead Ahead – If Broken Support is Virtually Nonexistent Till the 1600’s

MSP, as usual, has done a great job of timing out the market cycles. The next inflection point is projected for around the 22nd of January. Meanwhile we have reverted to BEAR MARKET microstructure on the short term MSP additionally we have a critical set of supports coming up with thin zones directly below them. […]

Immediate Future is NOT favorable for BULLS

This is a quick post to show a variety of MSP charts. All of which point to the immediate area and immediate timing is the beginning of an episode that lasts for several months. There course will be bounces in this decline from our present inflection point. Towards the end of January and towards the […]

Happy Holidays & Market Projection Update

We wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays and a successful 2016 to come. 2015 has been an interesting year for MCM and we will do a review of our successes and failures things with improved, and weaknesses and strengths. Overall, as can be seen from the chart below market structure projection has been […]

FED Speak, FED Hike, FED Squawk – Some Disccusion

Yesterday we posted these comments regarding the FED: Another anecdotal issue is that the FED is due to report their unbelievably tortured analysis and process geared to raise interest rates by only 25 basis points. However, at this point the FED credibility is pretty tattered and IF they raise interest rates they will be viewed […]

Projections for Bounce Sometime Next Week in DAX

The DAX market has tracked MSP well and is looking for an interim balance into Christmas starting sometime next week. As has been posted throughout these pages by breaking below extremely strong capitulatory emotional selling extremes (X-Ticks) via eTickTools on a pervasive basis the markets triggered behavior unlike any that we have seen since before […]