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MCM Indexes General Discussion

The MCM indexes are a proprietary product which indicates not only the emotional state of the markets (via the accumulation index), but also the most important components: the dollars added to the market, the stock share directionality and rich vs. cheap tickets. All these provide important information into the internals of the market and whether […]

Daily Cycles General Discussion

On the daily cycles, we can observe that since the beginning of 2015 the market has been just oscillating, meaning moving in regular waves, without any cycle impulses. The cyan lines were marking the start of the waves, with magenta marking the crest. We can see that at point “A” the market did attempt to […]

Weekly Cycle Charts Explained

First some basic information about interpreting the cycles: cycle movements are like waves in nature. The stronger the wave, the more dissipation is needed to release the built-up energy there are two types of waves: "Cyclic" and "Impulse" a magenta line is indicating the peak of a cyclic wave, otherwise said, a resistance level a cyan line […]