Adaptive Modal Decision Making & Projection

This post updates today's intraday market structures.  The Daily Projection posted this AM was for weakness into tomorrow AM. In addition, a plethora of data to help during the day from e-Tick-Tools, Gap Tools (which did not favor a gap fill but did an opening range break down) and accumulation index there were a lot of data to support the weakening foundations of the market today - plus a number of capitulatory extremes marked a break of 2105 as critical. Market needed to regain this or was facing the 2088 area that was mention several times here on these pages.

Below is an example of even coming out looking for morning lows as a bullish potential was probabilistically reduced in outcome at each timing area and why...Essentially by 12:00 PM most likely structure was relegated to the CYAN 24 month QE projections - this information among quite a few other elements and discussion was available in our community in real-time today.

June 4th, 2015 Intraday Market Structure Projections

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