3AM Time Window – a bearish tendency

Up market, Bull market or Bear. There are certain market structures that stand the of time. One of them is the 3AM period. You will see in many future posts on these pages that the theme of overnight liquidity and price movement reflects consistently. Overnight is an especially good time for the market to travel. It is inexpensive, and it creates situations in which investors are forced to miss the bus - as the bus is travelling empty.

Whether in bull or bear markets there is a predisposition for a scarcity of liquidity to lead to rising prices. The thinnest liquidity tends to occur from the 6pm EST open for the US CME markets until 2:30 am EST. As the non-US markets open and especially the non-US central bank trading desks open - liquidity schedules are closely followed.

The chart below is extremely large and we recommend downloading it. There will me more posts and data to share the content in this chart - but this is simply an introduction that we invite you to take a look. Notice that around 2/3rds of the sessions trade down significantly from the 3:00 AM market structure. Also, note that many of the reactions to this structure are sideways and only a minority are up strongly. One of the biggest traps that occur in the large US markets is to open them low, giving market participants very little time and room to manoeuvre. During the live session, reactions tend to be fast after stopping and trapping participants trying selling weak prices and/or subsequently mistime trading the reaction.


3 AM Market Structure trading for US futures

if the image, being that it is so large, fails to load you can used this link for the large image.

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